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Gecko Terrarium

Gecko Terrarium

Waterproof PVC Terrariums for the Gecko.

Terrarium for Gecko IMCAGES

It is the most popular terrarium among terrarists. This category includes terrariums for breeding leopard geckos and crested geckos. Geckos are quite easy to breed and that's why we decided to design a terrarium specifically for Reptiles.

In this category, you will find terrariums for the most popular species of geckos among beginner breeders, ie the leopard gecko and the crested gecko. In addition, you can also keep less popular species of lizards and small tree snakes in them.

These terrariums are designed for small reptiles such as:

  •      Leopard Gecko eublepharis
  •      Crested Gecko
  •      Small arboreal snakes
  •      Species of smaller lizzards

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You can fit in it everything that a Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko need

For a natural look of the terrarium, the terrarium should contain elements such as natural substrate, rocks, or plants for a crested gecko. All of this will give the gecko a feeling that it is safe. This will have a positive effect on his health.

Choose the right size for your Gecko

Common gecko terrariums come in several sizes. Remember to properly select the size of the terrarium for the species you want to breed.

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