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    • jungle dawn led bar 22 W RAJDP1X RAJDP2X RAJDP3X RAJDP4X pełne widmo słoneczne bez UV E27 22W Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED 22 Wat 2
    • RAJDP1X RAJDP2X RAJDP3X RAJDP4X Led Bars Arcadia

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn Reptile Led Bar for Reptile cage 15, 22, 34, 51W


    Led Bar Lamp for reptiles. For terrariums, paludariums, hydroponics. Different sizes

    Power options: 15, 22, 34, 51W

    Wattage and Size
    zł250.99 - zł552.99
    Shipment in 24 hours
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    Jungle Dawn LED BAR PRO for Reptiles

    Arcadia Gad Jungle Dawn LED Lamp. They are for increasing the power and high-quality light of the highest power, providing the energy needed for plant growth and encouraging to perform warm-up, provide such carriers by providing light in terrariums and vivariums.
    Minimalist design.

    The system uses the latest "Full Spectrum High Output" LEDs to display up to 141 lumens per watt of the strip. Led Jungle Dawn slats can be placed both on the net as well as in the terrarium - wherever you choose to provide outdoor and outdoor light and energy.

    4 Variants to choose:

    15W / 290mm

    • Wattage - 15W
    • Lenght - 290mm
    • Lumens - 2534 lm
    • Number of diodes - 72
    • Lumens per Watt - 138 lm
    • Code: RAJDP1X
    • Kelvin: 6200K

    22W / 470mm

    • Wattage - 22W
    • Lenght - 470mm
    • Lumens - 3447 lm
    • Number of diodes - 108
    • Lumens per Watt  - 138 lm
    • Code: RAJDP2X
    • Kelvin: 6200K

    34W / 570mm

    • Wattage - 34W
    • Lenght - 570mm
    • Lumens - 5587 lm
    • Number of diodes - 216
    • Lumens per Watt  - 141 lm
    • Code: RAJDP3X
    • Kelvin: 6200K

    51W / 870mm

    • Wattage - 51W
    • Lenght - 870mm
    • Lumens - 76381 lm
    • Number of diodes - 288
    • Lumens per Watt  - 141 lm
    • Code: RAJDP4X
    • Kelvin: 6200K


    •     Full LED
    •     High PAR (see mounting and power diagrams) 62% (C-table light for photosynthesis), (color representation mapping)
    •     Make 141 lumens per watt
    •     Can be connected in series, including with ProT5 UVB kits
    •     Complete set - plug in and light up!
    •     Color 6200 Kelvin
    •     Wide 120º illumination
    •     Fits all common terrariums with a mesh top
    •     can be used for hydroponics and plants

    The Led Jungle Dawn Bar can be combined into sets

    Easy to connect with other LED lists or with Windows T5 UV-B, Network information system on covers.

    It is delivered with cable cables with an integrated system that we have supplied with all the equipment and sets of equipment. . . .

    LED BAR ProT5 are perfect for a car that has performed a BAR and has performed the UV spectra and spectra. are Z tracks and basics.

    Arcadia Jun Dawn LED luminaires can be easily connected to form a group of up to 10 units. It can also be combined with Arcadia Reptile ProT5 UVB systems. The JungleDawn LED luminaire can be used with, preferably, open top terrarium lights (mesh ceiling) - 30 cm 45 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm wide.

    Using the special LED tracking tools that created the program, we created an LED that made it possible to emit a large amount of lights with a large amount of PAR. The Jungle Dawn strip emits a full spectrum of light that mimics visible natural sunlight (6,200 Kelvin) along the "photosynthetic curve" but without the PAR effect with separate red and blue LEDs. Thanks to this, the Jungle Dawn Pro led strip has a high PAR, a high percentage of PUR, a high CRI and no unnatural "purple shade".


    Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED Letters for the LED "triple step height for" the protection of the internal organization. By presenting a very wide one, we will equalize the electricity in the lighting, eliminating the typical problem with the LED lamp, the so-called "Point source". This LED system increases the level of visible light to terrestrial animal species as well as provides the energy that plants need to grow. Jungle Dawn Queue One more quantity, quantity of light, quantity of one indicator of the number of a large number of fluorescent lamps for plant growth.

    Plants need access to the right amount, supply the amount of equipment to be able to enter the number that are assigned or have them serviced each day. If I deal with electricity, let's reduce its ability to take pictures and develop your activities to increase its growth. Management and maintenance will be an unnatural discoloration of the leaves and will have to do as you have to do the "lining" as you increase the pace upwards to be blessed more and more. fast Healthy plants have good color, strong root networks and grow in large numbers to ensure correct dimensions.

    PAR generation or glow glow glow for photosynthesis measurement for quantization and energy payment using the so-called light sources. PAR levels are raised by two elements in the lighting, they are -

    1. Number of lights (lumens / lux),
    2. Spectrum accuracy.

    In result - if light uptake consumed light in the emission range and after the light uptake became an uptake, the PAR level uptake continued. The higher the PAR, the more energy the lamp can photosynthesize.

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    Bearded Dragon
    For Insects

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    Lignocel Safe Bedding for Snakes 3-4mm 12,5 kg / 120L

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn Reptile Led Bar for Reptile cage 15, 22, 34, 51W

    Led Bar Lamp for reptiles. For terrariums, paludariums, hydroponics. Different sizes

    Power options: 15, 22, 34, 51W

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