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Żarówka UVB dla Żółwia

Żarówka UVB dla Żółwia

UVB Basking Lamp for turtles is an essential element in taking care of the health and well-being of your turtle. In our store, we offer an innovative solution - 3-in-1 bulbs for turtles that provide not only UVB radiation but also heat and light.

3-in-1 bulb for turtles - Comprehensive lighting and warmth for your reptile

These versatile bulbs are designed to provide a comprehensive range of benefits for your turtle. UVB radiation is essential for healthy bone growth and proper synthesis of vitamin D3. Additionally, 3-in-1 bulbs generate heat, helping to maintain the appropriate temperature in the terrarium, mimicking the natural living conditions for your turtle.

3-in-1 vapour basking lamps for turtles also provide light, which is necessary to maintain your reptile's natural activity cycle. This way, your turtle can enjoy optimal lighting that supports its development and creates a pleasant environment for your pet.

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Choose trusted bulb manufacturers.

We offer various models of turtle bulbs with different wattages in our store to customize the lighting according to your turtle's individual needs. We provide products from trusted and reputable manufacturers such as Reptile Systems and Arcadia Reptiles, ensuring high quality and effectiveness.

Remember to regularly monitor the condition and effectiveness of the 3-in-1 bulb for turtles and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for replacement. Ensure that your terrarium is equipped with the best source of UVB radiation, heat, and light that support the health and well-being of your turtle.

Also, choose the appropriate fixture for the heat bulb. You can find them in the Lampshades and Fixtures category.