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Sphagnum Moss for Orchids

Sphagnum Moss for Orchids

Sphagnum moss or sphagnum moss (Latin Sphagnum cristatum), originating from Chile, Indonesia and other countries, is a highly sought after addition to substrates for professionals.

Sphagnum moss for orchids

Sphagnum moss is a natural, sterile substrate used, among others, for growing plants. This moss facilitates the rooting of plants, it mobilizes the roots to grow and absorbs moisture. It is especially recommended to use sphagnum moss for orchids, insectivorous plants or orchids. In conditions of high humidity, it is easy for mold and fungus to occupy the substrate, which is why it is good to choose a sterile and fungicidal substrate, such as sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss for orchids is ideal due to its retention and fungicidal properties, because these plants need a moist substrate.

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Live sphagnum moss for orchids

Sphagnum moss strengthens the roots, improves health, increases oxygenation of plants and affects good seedling / rooting. This substrate absorbs a lot of water, at the same time it stores it for a long time, and then successively gives it back to the plants according to their needs. It is a natural fungicide. Sphagnum can be also used in terrariums or vivariums.

Sphagnum for orchids how to use?

It can be added as an addition to peat, soil or coconut fiber, which will create an ideal substrate for rooting cuttings, epiphytes such as orchids, i.e. the popular orchid. Spagnum moss absorbs water very well and retains moisture perfectly, while preventing the plant from overflowing. The moss should be placed in a container of water and allowed to swell. Liquid fertilizer can be added to the water in a dose appropriate for the given plant. After swelling, the sphagnum is ready to use. Before use, lightly squeeze the moss to get rid of excess water.