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In this category you will find live sphagnum moss otherwise known as spagmoss. We offer sphagnum moss from, among others, Chile, Indonesia and New Zealand, such as Besgrow spagmoss. It is a highly sought after, sterile and fungicidal plant rooting agent that can also be used as an additive to plant substrates or in a terrarium. Live Sphagnum Moss is a natural and invaluable additive used in substrates for carnivorous plants, orchids and bromeliads. It can be added as an addition to peat, soil or coconut fiber, which will create an ideal substrate for rooting cuttings, epiphytes such as orchids, i.e. the popular orchid.

What does spagmoss look like?

For ease of storage, moss is often sold in the form of compressed Sphagnum cubes, such as spagmoss besgrow. The moss should be placed in a container of water and allowed to swell. Liquid fertilizer can be added to the water in a dose appropriate for the given plant. After swelling, the sphagnum is ready to use. Before use, lightly squeeze the moss to get rid of excess water. You can also buy moss in unpressed form.

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How to use Spagmoss?

Live sphagnum moss for orchids, orchids, carnivorous plants, terrariums and vivariums. Sphagnum Moss stimulates the roots to grow and perfectly absorbs and retains moisture. It is used by professional Bonsaists to create Bonsai seedlings and stimulate plants to grow roots. Sphagnum Moss can be used for mulching the soil surface, as well as for covering branches and walls in the terrarium, for example, for later planting or for decoration.

In conditions of high humidity, it is easy for mold and fungus to occupy the substrate, which is why it is good to choose a sterile and fungicidal substrate, such as sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss for orchids is ideal due to its retention and fungicidal properties, because these plants need a moist substrate.

Sphagnum moss where to buy?

It is profitable and economical to check in online stores if spagmoss is available where you can buy it often at attractive prices. Stationary gardening or pet stores do not always offer moss. In our store, we offer only moss from reliable sources, which guarantees that it is sterile and free from diseases and pests.