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Breeding Containers for Spiders

Breeding Containers for Spiders

In this category you will find breeding containers for spiders, both for larger specimens and small breeding container for nymphs or young spiders. From many sizes, you can choose a container for tarantulas, tarantulas and other spiders, they will also be great for breeding scorpions, centipedes and various insects.

What spider container?

We can grow a spider in a terrarium, faunarium or in a plastic container, they are not expensive creatures to maintain. Remember not to put young spiders in a large container or terrarium right away, small film containers are perfect for this. In our offer you will find a wide selection of braplast plastic containers, from which you can choose the right size and color. These containers are easy to clean and modify.

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What do you need to breed a Fowler?

  • - Plastic container
  • - a suitable substrate - a substrate for the spider
  • - obligatory hideout
  • - thermo-hygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity
  • - tweezers for operating in the terrarium
  • - heating cable (10-25W) or heating mat (5-10W) if heating is required
  • - optional decorations such as artificial plants, cork walls, etc
  • - a thermostat, which is not mandatory but will make breeding easier
  • - in the case of a larger tarantula, a water bowl