Reptile Shop IMCAGES

Terrarium Shop with passion and experience

Our pet store was created thanks to the passion of the owner, Mikołaj Iwanowicz, for all animals, especially reptiles. We are a shop for enthusiasts and we put our whole heart into it.

You can meet us at the largest animal exchanges and fairs in Europe. We are constantly expanding our offer to meet the most demanding terrarists.

Everything what Reptiles need

For each species of reptiles, we offer the right products suited to its unique needs. Terrariums, UV lamps and bulbs, heating mats, terrarium and vivarium substrates, decor elements, food, vitamins and much more. If you have unusual wishes and need Terrarium Products that are hard to find - we will help you get them!

Only proven Terrarium Products

Thanks to experience in the terrarium industry and in breeding various animals, both land and aquatic, we can choose from the market those products that are proven, reliable and safe for your animals. This is how we offer you Trusted Terrarium Products that you can be sure of.

Custom Waterproof Reptile Cages

We run our own brand, IMCAGES, which produces PVC Reptile Cages of all types and sizes. They are sterile, very durable and at the same time light and can be washed with a High pressure water jet.

Enjoy your shopping

Check our offer now and find your dream terrarium accessories or use the cage calculator at the top of the page to calculate your PVC terrarium.