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Waterproof PVC Terrarium for Leopard Gecko, Corn Snake, Ball Python IMCAGES 80x40x40cm - WHITE
  • Waterproof Terrarium for Leopard Gecko 80x40x40cm - WHITE
  • Sliding glass doors in terrarium for Snake IMCAGES
  • Silicone Wedge in terrarium sliding doors White
  • White Reptile Enclosure for reptile Leopard Gecko 80x40x40
  • IMCAGES Waterproof PVC Reptile Cage Enclosure for Leopard Gecko
  • Silicone handle for sliding glass doors in reptile enclosure
  • Waterproof PVC Terrarium for Leopard Gecko WHITE
  • Waterproof PVC Terrarium for Leopard Gecko, Corn Snake, Ball Python IMCAGES 80x40x40cm - WHITE

PVC REPTILE CAGE for Leopard Gecko 80x40x40cm WHITE


Waterproof PVC Reptile Enclosure 80x40x40cm for Leopard Gecko, young Corn Snake, young Ball Python
VARIANT: Without accessories

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Waterproof PVC Terrarium for Leopard Gecko, Corn Snake, Ball Python by IMCAGES 80x40x40cm - WHITE

Material: Foamed PVC with a hardened surface, Hardened Glass

Dimensions: 80cm wide x 40cm deep x 40cm high

Front frame dimensions: 5cm top, bottom, 5cm sides

Color: White (Available in Black on other auctions)

Designed for: Leopard Gecko, young Corn Snake, young Ball Python

Weight: approx. 6 kg

VERSION: Without accessories

Thanks to the patented technology of foamed PVC, IMCAGES Plastic Reptile Cages are:

  •     Waterproof - Can be washed with a pressure washer (Karcher)
  •     Elegant, suitable for modern interiors
  •     Very durable (we conducted impact tests and the terrarium did not give up)
  •     At the same time, it is very light - which allows them to be placed in shelves - (one on top of the other) and facilitates cleaning. Even a   child can clean them without any problems.
  •     Sterile. Our terrariums are used in veterinary medicine because they do not absorb moisture or unpleasant odors. Thanks to this, the animals are healthier.

This terrarium is intended for reptiles such as:

  • Leopard Gecko,
  • young Corn Snake,
  • young Ball Python

The IMCAGES PVC Cage 80x40x40cm is equipped with:

  •     2-element sliding door made of tempered glass (very durable)
  •     Protection Wedge against accidental sliding the glass doors
  •     Ventilation
  •     A silicone handle that makes it easier to move the glass
  •     Also available in Black

At other auctions, you can buy accessories such as the EVO Lite or Dimmer B1 thermostat, or Evo Connected, to which it is worth connecting a heating mat so that the temperature in the terrarium is controlled automatically.

IMCAGES Terrarium can be equipped with additional accessories such as:

  •     The heating infrared Panel mounted on the top of the terrarium (included in the KIT option)
  •     LED lighting with neutral light and power supply (included in the KIT option)
  •     thermostat e.g. Evo lite, dimmer B1, Evo Connected, Ministat, or others
  •     hygrometer
  •     bar holders (transverse pole holders for reptiles),
  •     Cork background
  •     PVC hideouts

You can find all accessories for the PVC terrarium in our shop.

If you have doubts about whether this terrarium will suit your animal species, write to us and we will easily advise you.

For larger orders, we recommend sending an inquiry by e-mail or using the form available here

We send larger Reptile Cages on pallets, it is possible to collect them at our company address after a prior appointment.

We do not send terrariums with the payment option "cash on delivery".


We ship Reptile Cages to all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Due to the different dimensions of the sent Terrariums, we have prepared 3 solutions for you:

1. Countries such as: Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Italy have a ready price list for shipping our terrariums and you can make a purchase normally by adding them to the basket and paying immediately.

2. Other Countries: We quote the shipping price first with the carrier. To make your purchase easier:

  •     Start shopping through the cart,
  •     Fill in the shipping details,
  •     Then select the option of "Request shipping cost"
  •     A request will be sent to us for a quote for shipping your products to the location you specify.
  •     Then we will calculate the transport and send you an e-mail with a link to complete the transaction with the shipping price already included.
  •     Click on the link and complete the payment.

3. You can also just write us an e-mail or use the contact form and ask for a shipping quote for the selected terrarium.

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