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    Arcadia BIRD Shadedweller T5 2,4% UVB lighting for parrots and birds
    • Arcadia BIRD Shadedweller T5 2,4% UVB lighting for parrots and birds
    • Arcadia Pro T5 ShadeDweller BIRD 8W Lamp Kit 2,4% UVB
    • Świetlówka Arcadia Bird Shadedweller T5 BIRD 2,4% UVB screen
    • Świetlówka Arcadia BIRD Shadedweller T5 BIRD 2,4% UVB fluorescent light
    • Arcadia Reptile Shadedweller T5 Arboreal 2,4% UVB 12% UVA UVI index
    • Arcadia Reptile Shadedweller T5 Arboreal 2,4% UVB spectral power distribution spd

    Arcadia Pro T5 Shade Dweller BIRD 8W Lamp Kit 12% UVA 2,4% UVB


    Arcadia ProT5 Kit ShadeDweller Bird 8W Lamp 2,4% UVB for Parrots and Tropical Birds

    Total Lenght: 315mm / 12.5″

    UV-B - 2.4%

    UV-A - 12%

    Lamp lenght: 300mm / 12'

    Shipment in 24 hours
    In stock


    Arcadia Pro T5 ShadeDweller BIRD 8W Bird Lamp + 2.4% UVB 12% UVA Fluorescent Lamp

    The perfect solution to provide soft full-spectrum lighting + UV-B for Birds such as Parrots, Canaries, and other exotic species.

        Total Length: 315mm / 12.5 ″
        UV-B - 2.4%
        UV-A - 12%
        Lamp length: 300mm / 12 '
        Kelvin: 5600K

    The ShadeDweller ProT5 Kit is an elegant, attractive, very versatile, and dedicated UV-B lighting kit, which aims at the need for modern animal husbandry.

    The ShadeDweller ProT5 features a highly functional yet removable curved reflector that provides a UV-rich basking area directly below the unit.

    Arcadia Reptile 8W 12 ”/ 30cm ProT5 is used and loved by thousands of owners around the world. It is elegant, stylish, rugged, easy to use and allows you to easily combine additional ProT5 luminaires and the JungleDawn LED strip.

    Lighting Set contains:

    •         ShadeDweller-Arboreal Lamp,
    •         PURESUN T5 BIRD 2.4 UVB 12% UVA lamp - designed for birds
    •         mounting kit,
    •         power cable with switch and free link cable to connect up to 10 other ProT5 or JungleDawn-LED Bar luminaires.


    •         Code RARTP8SAX-BIRD
    •         Length 315mm / 12.5 ″
    •         8W power
    •         16mm T5 lamp
    •         Voltage 220-240V 50Hz

    8W Arcadia PureSun T5 Fluorescent Lamp for Birds 12% UVA + 2.4% UVB

    PURESUN T5 fluorescent lamp providing a source of ultraviolet (UV) light necessary for captive birds that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

    •     8W 2.4% UVB and 12% UVA 5600K
    •     High CRI
    •     Unique natural colors
    •     Provides natural bird vision
    •     Provides the necessary D3
    •     Provides strong bones
    •     It improves reproduction

    Fluorescent T5 High Output Lamp:

        HO-T5 lamps generate almost twice as much light in the entire spectrum as standard T8 lamps. They are bright, energy-rich, slim, and do not flicker.
        The fluorescent lamp produces clean, clear full-spectrum light colors with an unmatched CRI. UV-A accounts for 12% of the total luminous flux and UV-B for 2.4%.
        This fluorescent lamp is included as standard with both the ProT5 kit and the UV 54W kit. Can also be used with Arcadia 54W HO-T5 IP67 controller and reflector.
        Arcadia Bird HO-T5 lamps use the best components and phosphor technology to ensure that the lamp has a full 12-month UV-B life.

    Connect up to 10 units

    Thanks to a special connector, you can connect the lamp into a set of up to 10 devices. Regardless of whether it is Pro T5 or LED Bar Jungle Dawn

    Universal and easy-to-use unit.

    Correct level of UV energy

    The ProT5 reflector provides a smooth beam of light with a medium width and is ideal for providing an easy to measure basking area for each species. UV energy is of course key, but we have to be sure that we are not providing UV indexes that are higher than nature provides naturally.

    Special design

    The ShadeDwellerPro-Arboreal is designed to be safe and effective to use compared to standard mesh top cages and aviaries where planting / decoration is provided in close proximity to the lamp. This kit will provide the perfect UVI and allow residents to fully safely enjoy the activated color vision and natural effective D3 cycle. By using our tried and tested 2.4% UV-B, 12% UV-A high CRI ShadeDweller-Bird lamp, you can rest assured to provide a safe and effective UV index, even if your pet moves high in its surroundings near the lamp.

    Create systems

    Combine ShadeDwellerPro or ShadeDwellerPro-Arboreal with the original Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn-LED Bar for more visible light and high PAR for fantastic plant growth. ShadeDweller, ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED Bar should be delivered with a statistically controlled heat source.

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    Infrared Heat Panel for Terrarium 31x21cm 50W

    Arcadia Pro T5 Shade Dweller BIRD 8W Lamp Kit 12% UVA 2,4% UVB

    Arcadia ProT5 Kit ShadeDweller Bird 8W Lamp 2,4% UVB for Parrots and Tropical Birds

    Total Lenght: 315mm / 12.5″

    UV-B - 2.4%

    UV-A - 12%

    Lamp lenght: 300mm / 12'

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