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Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro 1260 mm T5 cover


Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro 1260 mm

Lamp holder cover

lenght: 1260mm

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Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro 1260 mm T5 cover for UV Lamp

lenght: 1260mm

Lamp holder coverThis easy to use lamp cage has been designed by experts to allow as much light through the mesh as possible. This ensures high levels of protection while maintaining maximum levels of essential UV-B.

We achieve this by using a specially chosen mesh size and shape, paint colour and by applying a thick gloss coating over the wire. By doing so, we have been able to ensure that as much light as possible passes through the mesh and that your animals remain well supplied for. Commercial mesh coverings can reduce light-flow by 40% from new,

LampGuardPro gets this down to around 15% of total light energy and remains quite stable after that.

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