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    Arcadia Holder for Jungle Dawn 22W Support Bracket


    Holder  for compact bulb (fullcolor) 6500K Jungle Dawn LED 22W Metal holder for 22W LED bulb.

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    Holder  for compact bulb (fullcolor) 6500K Jungle Dawn LED 22W Metal holder for 22W LED bulb.

    The set includes an E27 lamp holder and mounting clips.

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn is a full spectrum LED bulb designed to support plant growth and to perfectly reproduce the colors of plants and animals.

    This energy-saving product emits 6,500 Kelvin of light, which is generally regarded as the color of natural sunlight.

    Using a high-quality chip with high-quality LEDs designed in the "Flood" type, this lamp really delivers light deep into each terrarium, also through the mesh. The Jungle Dawn LED bulb is perfect for use with Arcadia Reptile's range of UVB lamps, which will increase the amount of visible light and provide living plants with the entire spectrum of radiation, including UV bands.

    The Arcadia Jungle Dawn system is ideal for use in all amphibian settings, especially those with living plants. It can also be used for felsum, crested geckos, chameleons, snakes and other reptiles and amphibians where high-quality, non-ultraviolet light is required. As with any LED light, always be careful that water is NOT sprayed directly onto the LED.

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn is also perfect for orchid growers and for growing all other exotic plants both in terrariums and grown in pots outside the terrarium or in hydroponics.

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn emits very little heat, which is radiated from the luminaire to the rear by a metal heat sink. This reduces the risk of overheating the housing and burning leaves from live plants, and allows the LEDs to provide high-quality light for a very long time. This LED lamp is ideal for use as part of the "Light and Shade" method and in dedicated areas of intensive plant growth. Plants need the right amount of water, nutrients, good airflow, and the right levels of light at the correct wavelengths. Arcadia Jungle Dawn will increase the amount of light energy available to hobby plants and help maintain fantastic growth as part of a dedicated plant growth system.

    • Perfectly increases the level of visible light, recommended for use with sources of UV radiation.
    • A solid metal heat sink increases lamp life
    • JungleDawn is a full spectrum LED system designed for optimal plant growth
    • Wide beam of 120º 
    • A class energy efficiency
    • Standard E27 thread 
    • Can be used with timer
    • Warranty 12 months

    Dr Mike Leahy introduces Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn from Arcadia Reptile on Vimeo.

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    Arcadia Holder for Jungle Dawn 22W Support Bracket

    Holder  for compact bulb (fullcolor) 6500K Jungle Dawn LED 22W Metal holder for 22W LED bulb.

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