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Lucky Reptile Tortoise Turtle bedding substrate 20L
  • Lucky Reptile Tortoise Turtle bedding substrate 20L
  • Lucky Reptile Tortoise bedding substrate 20L
  • Lucky Reptile Turtle bedding substrate 20L Turf

Lucky Reptile Tortoise Peat Bedding 20L


Lucky Reptile - Natural Peat Bedding for Turtles

20L or 70L Bag

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Lucky Reptile Peat substrate for land turtles

20L or 70L Bag

This natural substrate has been specially prepared for the needs of turtles. Offers animals everything to feel comfortable in their terrarium.

Turtles like to bury themselves and this natural behavior should be encouraged. In nature, they look for protection in the substrate against changing temperatures, predators and they look for moisture in it.

The Lucky Reptile substrate is extremely loose and makes it easier for them to bury themselves. It retains moisture, does not mold, is odorless and even binds some unpleasant odors. Thanks to its loose and soft structure, it insulates well and thus absorbs temperature fluctuations.

Due to the lack of chemicals or fertilizers, it is also suitable as a breeding (egg-laying) substrate and for wintering. In addition, it does not contain sand (it is completely harmless if accidentally eaten), it contains clay additives.

It is also great for breeding chameleons, in plant terrariums, vivaria, paludaria, etc.

Features of the Lucky Reptile substrate

  •     Retains moisture and stabilizes the microclimate in the terrarium
  •     Particularly hygienic: absorbs liquids and binds dirt
  •     No problems with plugging if the substrate is accidentally eaten
  •     100% natural products without chemical additives and fertilizers
  •     Adapted to the optimal, neutral pH
  •     The perfect material for hibernation - it always remains loose, slightly moist and insulates against temperature changes
  •     Also suitable for many other reptiles

note - turtle substrates should not be used when using heating mats.

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Lucky Reptile Tortoise Peat Bedding 20L

Lucky Reptile Tortoise Peat Bedding 20L

Lucky Reptile - Natural Peat Bedding for Turtles

20L or 70L Bag

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