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Habistat Tortoise Bedding - For land and Steppe Turtles 10kg


A substrate, bedding for tortoise and terrestial turtle

10kg Bag

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Habistat Bedding - A substrate for a Steppe, land turtle.

Perfect for Greek, Leopard, Steppe tortoises and all other terrestrial turtles.

10 kg Bag

Proven soil for turtles by Polish breeders

In fact, all tortoises will feel great living in this medium. This is evidenced by the huge interest in this substrate among our customers who do not want to buy any other substrate for turtles except Habistat.

With this substrate, there is no risk of ingestion.

A properly prepared mixture

100% natural mixture of sterilized clays, loam and sand, specially selected for Mediterranean and African turtle species. Due to the fact that the substrate corresponds to the habitat of turtles in the wild, it will reduce the stress on your pet, which contributes to a healthier breeding.

Natural conditions for your turtle

The aggregate mixture has been designed to reflect the natural environment from which these species originate as accurately as possible. The substrate retains moisture while maintaining a digging-perfect texture. Contains added calcium.

Directions for use:

Spread the substrate evenly on the terrarium substrate, ensuring a depth of about 5 cm. Clean locally when necessary and replace regularly

Our range of HabiStat substrates are now packaged in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags.

At other auctions, we have other Habistat substrates available

If you are looking for a turtle heating bulb, please click HERE

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Habistat Tortoise Bedding - For land and Steppe Turtles 10kg

A substrate, bedding for tortoise and terrestial turtle

10kg Bag

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