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    Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate 5L
    • Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate 5L
    • Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate Natural Bio-active

    Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate


    Natural Bio-active Desert Substrate

    Bedding substrate for planted terrarium and wiwarium.

    Packaging 5 or 10 liters

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    Arcadia Bio EarthMix ARID - Desert Substrate for Terrarium and Vivarium

    •         Bioactive
    •         Animal species - desert
    •         Ready for cleaning insects
    •         Packaging: 5 or 10 liters

    Biologically active medium

    Environmentally friendly, ready-to-use Bio-Active planting substrate. With Worm castings content. It has been specially formulated by the world's leading experts in reptile care and plant growth.

    Contains organic compounds and compost (Worm Castings) selected for plants of dry origin.
    Purpose and application

    EarthMix-Arid can be used in desert, forest or dry vivariums without adding any additives to the mix. Its good class will allow for good Terrascaping and thus a naturalistic housing design.

    This dry version of our popular substrate can be used in dry ground for species such as:

    •     Bearded Dragons,
    • Uromastyx lizards,
    • horned lizards,
    • Steppes runners and many more
    • Perfect for those drier enclosures.

    If you want bioactivity with stunning plant growth, Arcadia EarthMix Arid is the only option with guaranteed results.

    Safe and effective.

    •     The substrate is intended for all species in all types of runs.
    •     Can be used with an additional "cleaning team" or cleaning insects.
    •      High plant growth.

    Contains natural volcanic rock to increase drainage and the content of bioavailable minerals

    Arcadia Reptile EarthMix Arid has been 'supercharged' with safe, organic plant foods and minerals that are essential for the well-being of reptiles, amphibians, inverts and plants.

    30% volcanic lava dust was also added to the mix to not only aid good drainage but also provide a higher mineral content for a full spectrum, "wildly restored" substrate for desert animals or arid species

    What does bioactivity mean?

    Bioactive is the term used to describe a living ecosystem. These systems have become extremely popular in the last few years, and for good reason. Not only do they look better for the grower, but provide enrichment, essential vitamin, mineral and gut flora benefits to live vivaria inhabitants.

    Bioactive systems are usually planted live, and these plants need food, water, air flow, and light to thrive. Using the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED plant growth system will greatly increase the levels of light and PAR in your system and encourage plant growth.

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    More information about the product.

    The "cleanup crew" of the microfauna can be added to the ground. As a result, these little creatures will not only help keep the soil inverted and aerated, but also turn animal waste back into sensible plant food. We suggest adding 3 containers to the system 2-4 feet wide on the first day, then adding one container per month.

    Arcadia Reptile EarthMix has been thoroughly tested for safety, in fact it provides full spectrum essential vitamins and minerals to reptiles when consumed in small amounts as is the case in nature. We must pay attention to the wildlife that we create. By providing heat and light, including UVB radiation, to natural levels in the light and shade method, the risk of soil freezing is removed.

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    Data sheet

    Bearded Dragon
    For Insects

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    Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate

    Arcadia Earth Arid Mix Bio-active Desert Substrate

    Natural Bio-active Desert Substrate

    Bedding substrate for planted terrarium and wiwarium.

    Packaging 5 or 10 liters

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