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    Habistat Bedding for Bearded Dragon


    A substrate bedding for a Bearded Dragon

    Packaging 5kg and 10kg bag

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    Habistat Bedding - A bedding for a Bearded Dragon

    Ideally suited for bearded agams and other species of desert lizards.

    Available in 5kg or 10kg bags

    Properly prepared mixture

    •     A superb mix of soil, sand, gravel and clay that provides a naturalistic environment for the Bearded Dragons and other digging lizards
    •     The substrate acts as an Absorbent.
    •     Encourages lizards to dig.
    •     It has a very reliable appearance due to the clay content, which will increase the visual impression of the terrarium.

    Natural conditions for your Dragon.

    The 100% natural substrate is a mixture of earth, sand, gravel and clay, specially designed for agam. A mixture of these aggregates can be found in their natural environment and therefore they are better than the standard available substrates. A new generation of substrate allows moisture to be retained when sprayed, which creates wet areas that naturally occur in hideouts or burrows. Dragons find these wet zones especially when moulting or when they require more moisture, which in turn encourages digging.

    Note - the large "stones" visible in the photos are lumps of dry clay, thanks to which the substrate looks even more natural. The lumps may dissolve in water


    Distribute the substrate evenly throughout the terrarium, ensuring a depth of 5-7 cm. If necessary, remove it locally and add a clean one. Replace regularly.

    Our range of HabiStat substrates are now packaged in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags.

    At other auctions, we have other Habistat substrates for different species, for example:

        Habistat Tortoise
        Habistat Desert

    The Sand for the Leopard Gecko can be found by clicking HERE

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    Habistat Bedding for Bearded Dragon

    Habistat Bedding for Bearded Dragon

    A substrate bedding for a Bearded Dragon

    Packaging 5kg and 10kg bag

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