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Safe Bedding lignocel for snakes 120L
  • Safe Bedding lignocel for snakes 120L

Lignocel Safe Bedding for Snakes 3-4mm 12,5 kg / 120L


Lignocel a dedusted natural substrate used in laboratories. Perfect for snakes breeding.

Granulation 3-4 mm.

Packaging 120 L - portion of 12,5kg

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Safe Bedding Lignocel - Safe Substrate for Hoses 3-4mm 120L

Lignocel is a natural, dust-free substrate used in laboratories. Perfect for breeding snakes and more.

Granulation 3-4 mm.

Quantity: 12.5 kg - about 120 liters

Other quantities available for a separate Auction: Lignocel substrate

A specialized substrate for Snakes and more

  •              Effectively binds odors,
  •              Soft to the touch
  •              it is completely digestible and hygienic.
  •              It reduces the risk of injury.
  •              Dust-free product.
  •              does not contain strong essential oils.
  •              supports the snake's natural instinct
  •              Used by laboratories

The best high-quality substrate is ideal for small animals such as turtle snakes as well as for large terrarium animals such as dragons, and rodents such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

Sterile, soft wood substrate

It is a mulch in the form of delicate wood flakes with a fine structure. These are fine beech chips. It is a dust-free substrate and can be used as a basic veterinary substrate or as a complement to the terrarium decor.

What is dust-free litter better at?

Lignocel is a dust-free natural product. Such a substrate was created for the needs of laboratories. Non-dusty means not generating unnecessary pollution and problems. It is a substrate that strongly absorbs unpleasant odors. Therefore, it is also ideal for use in tropical terrariums.

The substrate is completely safe for animals, making it ideal for:

  •              Python Reggius
  •              Corn snake
  •              Other species of snakes
  •              Rabbit
  •              Hamster
  •              Mice
  •              guinea pig

Regular replacement of the substrate is essential

The replacement of the substrate is required to ensure the cleanest possible conditions for the animals in our farm. A feature of the substrate is high absorbency and lack of pollution, but it naturally absorbs the pollution of our animal. Therefore, replace the substrate to keep your pet healthy.

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