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    ExoticHobby Bioactive Soil universal bedding 3L
    • ExoticHobby Bioactive Soil universal bedding 3L

    Exotic Hobby Bioactive Soil universal bedding 3L


    Natural, bioactive substrate for humid terrariums

    volume: 3L

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    ExoticHobby Bioactive Soil

    100% natural, bioactive universal substrate intended for all wet terrariums.

    The basis for the development of the substrate composition was many years of breeding experience, combined with passion and terrarium knowledge.

    It is a ready-to-use product!

    Volume: 3L

    The substrate contains 100% natural ingredients!

    The substrate enables the growth of ornamental plants used in terrariums, including epipremnum spp, ficus spp.

    It contains microorganisms that allow for self-cleaning processes

    Provides ideal conditions:

    •     keep moisture,
    •     provide nutrients,
    •     provide a slightly acidic reaction,
    •     are friendly to the cleaning crew.

    The perfect substrate for:

    •     vivarium with amphibians
    •     terrarium with vegetable dishes
    •     for all animals who like a humid environment

    About the producer:

    The POLISH Exotic Hobby company was founded on the basis of over 30 years of passion and experience in breeding exotic animals and aquarium fish.

    The company's offer includes bioactive substrates, which consist of 100% natural ingredients: substrate for ciliated geckos (Crested Gecko Soil), substrate for land snails (Snails Soil Premium), universal substrate for moist terrariums (Bioactive Soil) and substrate for arachnids for wet terrariums (Spiders Soil).

    All substrates produced by Exotic Hobby create safe and optimal conditions for breeding animals in wet terrariums, and also allow to maintain biological balance.

    Appropriate selection of ingredients allows you to maintain humidity, supports the maintenance of the cleaning team, and provides the necessary ingredients.

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    Infrared Heat Panel for Terrarium 31x21cm 50W

    Exotic Hobby Bioactive Soil universal bedding 3L

    Natural, bioactive substrate for humid terrariums

    volume: 3L

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