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Arcadia Earth Mix 5L Bio-active Substrate Forest


Bioactive substrate supporting plant development.

Packaging 5 liters

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Arcadia Earth Mix 5L Bio-active Substrate Forest - Bio EarthMix - Forest Edition

  • Bio-Active
  • High levels of plant growth
  • Custodian ready

5liters package

Arcadia Earth mix Forest 5L for planted terrarium

Arcadia Reptile ‘EarthMix’ has been designed by experts to be the ultimate choice in safe and effective ‘Bio-Active’ vivarium and terrarium substrate.

EarthMix is a clean, safe to use, mineral rich Bio-Active ready substrate which, unlike other substrate available on the market, has no non-natural particules that could lead to impaction. Having the correct mix ‘ratios’ between ‘Mineral’ and ‘Organics’ helps to support the vital custodian species used in Bio-Active systems.

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-EarthMis is full of ‘Organic Goodness’ and can be thought of as being ‘pre-fed’. This means that custodians can be added in from day one and will start to thrive. If you want to further support your custodians, you can use EarthPro-CustodianFuel.

Contains organic volcanic rock to increase drainage and bio-available mineral content

EarthMix can be used with any species of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate, are Custodian ready and will sustain incredible plant growth. It is so versatile and we have used it successfully with snakes, lizards, frogs and salamanders at Arcadia Reptile HQ.

It can be sprayed down regularly for those species requiring a little higher humidity, or you can just limit your misting to one area for species that come from drier environments, as this will create a small area of humidity should your reptile choose.

We have seen lots of new behaviours shown by the reptiles we use it on that we haven’t seen before. For example, trinket snakes will make tunnels and burrow through it and eyed lizards will love digging in it. In this way it helps us to create enriching environments for our exotic pets.

  • Safe and effective.
  • Can be used for all species in all types of enclosure.
  • Custodian ready.
  • High levels of plant growth.
  • Ready to use. Just simply spread evenly inside terrarium

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Infrared Heat Panel for Terrarium 31x21cm 50W

Arcadia Earth Mix 5L Bio-active Substrate Forest

Bioactive substrate supporting plant development.

Packaging 5 liters

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