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    Arcadia Earth Pro-CA 100g Natural Calcium


    Fine and easily digestible natural calcium powder.

    100 grams package

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    Arcadia Earth Pro-CA 100g Natural Calcium

    A fine grade and easy to digest and assimilate natural calcium powder. For All Reptile Species and other animals.

    100 grams package

    A fine grade and easy to assimilate natural calcium powder.

    EarthPro-Ca is a high quality, finely ground plain Calcium powder that can used alongside the rest of the EarthPro range to help boost Calcium levels day to day.

    Calcium is stored in an animal’s bones and is also released into the animal’s bloodstream for muscle function.

    It has been known that calcium is essential for reptiles since we began keeping them as pets. In fact it is an indispensable tool in reptile keeping. A lack of supply or uptake of calcium, as we know, leads to a serious and mostly irreversible condition known as metabolic bone disease. This is where an animal loses the calcium content from its bones as the body desperately tries to find reserves from within its own body.

    This manifests itself in ‘bendy bones’ – most often noticeable in the long bones of the legs or the jaw. In advanced cases, the animal becomes very weak due to impaired muscle function and may be unable to stand.

    However, supplying calcium is only one part of the intricate web of reptile nutrition. In order for an animal to be able to use calcium at all, it must have access to the correct nutrients from its food and also its environment. This means that reptiles, amphibians and in fact many animals, need to have access to a source of UV lighting in order for its body to be able to obtain vitamin D3.

    Essential to keep your reptiles healthy and strong

    • Aid strong bones and organ function.
    • Totally natural and non-toxic.
    • Use as required.
    • Long life, re-sealable pouch.

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    Lignocel Safe Bedding for Snakes 3-4mm 12,5 kg / 120L

    Arcadia Earth Pro-CA 100g Natural Calcium

    Fine and easily digestible natural calcium powder.

    100 grams package

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