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Product set Metahalogen UVA UVB 50W + Electronic Ballast 50W
  • Product set Metahalogen UVA UVB 50W + Electronic Ballast 50W

Product set Metahalogen UVA UVB 50W + Electronic Ballast 50W


Lighting kit:

REPTECH HID Metahalogen UVA UVB + UVI Testing kit 50W

RepTech Electronic Ballast 50W - Electronic Ballast to use with HID Lamp

This pack contains

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Terrarium lighting kit

Set contains :

1. REPTECH HID Metahalogen UVA UVB + UVI Testing kit 50W

2. RepTech Electronic Ballast 35W - Electronic Ballast to use with HID Lamp

1. REPTECH HID Metahalogen UVA UVB + UVI Testing kit 50W

Available powers: 35, 50 i 70W

Emits UVA, UVB

e27 thread

We add a UVI tester to each lamp

Metal halogen lamp for reptiles (high intensity discharge)

Reptech HID metal halide lamps are currently the best all-in-one solution on the market. These bulbs have energy savings compared to MVL bulbs, a more complete spectrum of light and a much longer service life.

HID technology offers the most stable as well as the cheapest solution to deliver light, UVA, UVB and heat to reptiles and birds. The highest quality RepTech metal halide bulbs have a service life of at least 12 months with normal use and a stable level of UV radiation over a long period of time. These lamps have external ballasts, so you will need an additional starter unit (ballast / ballast) to operate.
Use a ballast model specifically designed for the required wattage of the bulbs.

The lamp can only be used in E27 ceramic / porcelain sockets. RepTech HID metal halide lamps have an integrated reflector in an aluminum housing. The aluminum lamp housing reduces the temperature of the filament.

By improving the heat flow in the lamp, the molecular changes of the quartz glass have been slowed down, which guarantees long-term stability of the UV beam.

RepTech emits sunlight in a color with a universal temperature of 5,200 K. The balanced range of UV radiation offered by HID RepTech is essential for the proper synthesis of vitamin D3 contributing to the proper calcium management (bone structure) and increases success in breeding and breeding animals.

Important UV rays in the terrarium

Birds and reptiles, unlike humans, have appropriate receptors for receiving the ultraviolet range. The lack of a range of UV rays in the lighting provided to our charges is often underestimated by the caregivers, because, as mentioned, people cannot perceive this light and focuses on lighting in the visible light range for themselves.

In the case of reptiles, ultraviolet is necessary not only for the synthesis of vitamin D3, but allows animals to search for food, recognize their surroundings and partners.

Please note that normally the glass of the terrarium stops the UV beams and therefore all UV bulbs must be inside the terrarium. Only so, HID RepTech can ensure the correct emission of UV-A and UV-B beams.

How to use ?

  •     The first launch of HID RepTech should last continuously for at least 2 hours because the lamp must fire up and stabilize properly, thus avoiding damage to the lamp in the future.
  •     Switching off the HID RepTech prematurely during initial start-up may damage the bulb.
  •     Changes to the lamp, ballasts or other installation components should be performed only after disconnecting the system from the power supply
  •     The HID RepTech lamp is designed to work only with the use of appropriate electronic ballast (ballast).
  •     If the ballast was delivered with a protective foil, the foil must be removed before use
  •     Please do not install the HID lamp in the immediate vicinity of flammable products
  •     Please ensure adequate ventilation. Never cover the lamp and ballast.
  •     Ceramic holders that show stable operation at high temperatures should be used.
  •     If you observe irregular lamp operation, remove it immediately.
  •     In order to ensure the quality of the emission of UV rays, the recommended maximum period of continuous use of the lamp is about 12 to 14 months with normal use (8-12 hours a day). Over time, the use of HID RepTech reduces the effectiveness of UV radiation, which is normal for this type of lamp.
  •     We do not recommend using lamps with thermostats because frequent switching on and off of the lamp leads to a rapid reduction in lamp life.
  •     The recommended minimum duration of continuous lighting is 8 hours. Shortening the illumination time below the minimum duration will shorten the life of the lamp.
  •     The intensity of the UV beam may change, as with other UV light sources, with the age of the lamp. To ensure that the animals have the correct composition of the light beam, their composition can be checked regularly with UVB / UVI meters.
  •     We recommend that you replace the lamps regularly.

code: HID035, HID050, HID070

2. ARepTech Electronic Ballast 50W - Ballast for HID metahalogen discharge lamps.

Ballast dedicated to RepTech 50W lamps.

Power: 50W

The ballast is an integral part of the kit for HID metal halogen discharge lamps. Without it, the lamp will not work and will not work.

For the proper operation of the lamps, it is recommended to use the highest quality ballasts.

The ballast must be matched to the power of the lamps, e.g. for a 50W lamp we choose a 50W ballast.

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Bearded Dragon

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Product set Metahalogen UVA UVB 50W + Electronic Ballast 50W

Product set Metahalogen UVA UVB 50W + Electronic Ballast 50W

Lighting kit:

REPTECH HID Metahalogen UVA UVB + UVI Testing kit 50W

RepTech Electronic Ballast 50W - Electronic Ballast to use with HID Lamp

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