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Heat Mat for reptiles and plants 770x274mm PROMO


Heat mat for Terrarium and Plant Breeding - 274 mm Wide

Size 770x274mm

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Terrarium heat mat for reptiles, amphibians, insects and for plant breeding.

Size: 770x274mm

Select Heating power and lenght from the list above.

Available sizes on other auctions:

  • 7W - 168 x 274 mm    
  • 11W - 276 x 274 mm    
  • 16W - 334 x 274 mm    
  • 18W - 388 x 274 mm    
  • 19W - 410 x 274 mm    
  • 23,5W - 516 x 274 mm    
  • 30W - 646 x 274 mm        
  • 37W - 770 x 274 mm    
  • 46W - 868 x 274 mm    
  • 44W - 920 x 274 mm    
  • 51W - 1025 x 274 mm        
  • 56W - 1170 x 274 mm    
  • 60W - 1292 x 274 mm

Also heat strips available 150mm wide.

The heating mat can be connected directly to the power supply. However, it is best to use a thermostat or a temperature controller. Thanks to this, the heating of the terrarium will be automatic and will ensure the temperature at a constant level. We have thermostats available at other auctions.

Heating mat for reptile breeding

Heating mats have been successfully used in terrariums for many years. The simplicity of their use makes them popular among breeders:

  •     snakes
  •     bearded dragons
  •     turtles
  •     geckos
  •     insects
  •     amphibians
  •     chameleons

Heating mat for plants

Due to their versatility, the same heating mats can be used for growing potted plants, seedlings and for plant germination in mini-greenhouses or frames. Thanks to this, we are able to create the right temperature for plant growth at any time of the year.

Directions for use:

The mat can be placed on the bottom of the tank and covered with sand or gravel, or mounted directly on the ceiling or wall of the terrarium, as desired.

When growing plants, it is best to place it under pots because warm air rises up.

The mat is protected against splashes or flooding, so it is not disturbed by a wet substrate. However, it should not be used while submerged in water.

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Bearded Dragon
For Insects

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Lignocel Safe Bedding for Snakes 3-4mm 12,5 kg / 120L

Heat Mat for reptiles and plants 770x274mm PROMO

Heat mat for Terrarium and Plant Breeding - 274 mm Wide

Size 770x274mm

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