IMCAGES - Reptile Pet Shop

From passion and experience

Our pet shop was created thanks to the owner Mikołaj Iwanowicz  and his passion for all animals, especially reptiles. We are a shop for animal enthusiasts and we put our heart into it. You can meet us on the largest animal markets in Europe.

We have everything you need for a terrarium

Terrariums, Lamps, heating mats, substrates, beddings, decor elements, food and much more. If you have unusual needs and are looking for hard-to-find products on the market - we will help you get them!

Only trusted Products

Thanks to experience in the terrarium industry and breeding various creatures, both land and water, we can choose from the market those products that are proven, reliable and safe for your animals.

Our Own PVC terrariums production

We have our own brand - IMCages, producing PVC Terrariums and reptile cages of all types and sizes. They are sterile, very durable but at the same time light weight and can be washed with a high pressure water.

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