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What substrate type for a tortoise?
For a tortoise, a terrarium should be prepared so that the animal is not stressed and feels comfortable. An important element is a properly selected substrate, which should be similar to that in the natural environment of your turtle.
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Tortoise Terrarium - What type should You Choose?
A terrarium for a tortoise should be prepared in such a way that the animal has adequate space and the natural conditions in which the species occurs are as close as possible. This significantly increases the sense of comfort and reduces the animal's sense of stress. Find out what such a terrarium should look like.
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Domestic Turtle - Which Tortoise to choose for home?
PrestaShop has launched PrestaShop 1.7, the latest software version. It was developed with the help of user feedback from the last few years. Today, over 250,000 online stores use PrestaShop to sell t
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