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HIKARI Seaweed Extreme Small Pellet- Pellets for Smaller Sea Fish


HIKARI Seaweed Extreme Small Pellet - granulated, sinking food for herbivorous marine fish and omnivores

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HIKARI Seaweed Extreme Small Pellet

The world's first marine fish pellet that offers an extreme amount of natural algae. Containing over 67% algae, this pellet is devoured by any marine herbivore as soon as it hits the water. Gone are the days of hanging strips of seaweed and the mess they leave in the tank. Let Hikari® help you provide your marine herbivores and omnivores with what they need with little to no fuss.

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Specially selected composition:

Highly aromatic wafers and granules that soften quickly when placed in water and instantly attract herbivorous species

Easy transition from Nori Algae

The vibrant blend of nutrients ensures rapid growth and supports immune system health while helping to maintain color

An ideal supplementary diet for most omnivorous species, including clownfish, females and butterflies

Ingredients content

  • crude protein 33%
  • crude fat 5%
  • crude fiber 4%
  • moisture 10%
  • ash 17%
  • phosphorus 0.5%

Japanese company HIKARI

A company with over a hundred years of tradition and experience in breeding ornamental fish, offers some of the best foods on the market, for the production of which the latest technologies are used. The manufacturer provides:

  • the best balanced composition, adapted to the specific needs of individual fish groups
  • perfect water purity
  • high activity and vitality of fish
  • foods do not biologically pollute the water
  • a wide range of flavors and aromas, accepted by even the most fastidious fish
  • maximum resistance to stress and infections
  • increased fertility and high quality of fry obtained
  • no artificial colors and preservatives.
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HIA 25312
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